Available Puppies

Our puppies are a loved well socialized part of our family. All our puppies come with Championship pedigrees and all breeding dogs are health tested.

We use a program called Puppy CultureĀ© to train and socialize our puppies. All our puppies come with 6 weeks of Pets Plus Us insurance, they are micro-chipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and have their first shots. They never leave our home before 10 weeks. (Yorkies after 14 weeks) I also provide a genetic health guarantee with all my puppies.

The process for getting on the waiting list ( between 12-18 months long) is to fill out the questionnaire (click on the link under the type of puppy you wish to be on the waiting list for) and then we will arrange a time for a phone call pre – interview. After this we require a deposit to remain on the waiting list. We never pressure you to give us money however our priority is to those people who choose to give us a deposit.

All puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and a strict vaccination and food protocol to ensure the best success with your puppy.

**Occasionally I will agree to sell a show prospect but you would need to provide show references. We live near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and we will not ship our puppies.

Fill out a questionnaire to get on the waiting list HERE

Westies are a fun loving breed that are always up for an adventure. They are usually between 15-20 pounds and are great with kids. They are a double coated breed with a harsh outer layer. They are NOT hypoallergenic but they are considered a low shedding breed.

Fill out a questionnaire to get on the waiting list HERE

Yorkies are a super sweet breed that make the best lap dogs. They are typically between 4-8 pounds. They have a single layer coat that is pure silk and for this reason they are considered a hypoallergenic breed. Because of their size and how easy their bones can break this breed is not recommended for families with small children.