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Our 12 year old daughter Erica is the very happy owner of a beautiful West Highland White Terrier! Thanks to CryCa Kennels - Crystal & Barry as well as The Children's Wish Foundation our daughters wish came true this fall!

At the age of 10 our daughter was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. This diagnosis brought our family to its knees as she underwent months and months of chemotherapy, lengthy hospital stays and ultimately a full arm amputation. We are happy to say that we are approaching 1 year since her last treatment and she is Cancer free and doing amazing!

We were notified of our daughters wish approval quite some time ago. The beauty in granting wishes for critically ill children is the freedom it gives them to think and dream about something that is so promising during very dark times. This in itself is very healing. Erica spent many many hours planning her wish, researching breeds considering names and learning about training. Erica's plan is to get involved with agility training and competitions as Her puppy grows!

Erica's wish for a Westie was granted by the Children's Wish Foundation and they then reached out to CryCa Kennels. So fortunate it was to have top notch breeders right here in SK. Crystal & Barry prioritized Erica's wish in their wait lists. They also graciously welcomed us to come and meet the puppies when they were just 4 weeks old and shared photo's from day one. Our daughter loved being able to see them grow and change. We were able to pick up Erica's puppy "Nova"at eight weeks and bring her home and what exciting and emotional day for us all.

Crystal and Barry warmly welcomed us, provided Erica with a puppy health kit, toys and an open door for any future needs, questions or just to share the joy that this little girl, "Nova" brings to us all. We can't thank them enough for being such willing participants in making Erica's wish come true and for preserving the beautiful qualities of the West Highland White Terrier!

Ozzy back steps

Hi everyone,

I'm Ozzy (Can. Ch. Windacre CryCa Whizz Kid) former stud-muffin at CryCa Kennels. I love momma Crystal and papa Barry! They took such good care of me when I lived with them. I was a busy boy, getting my Canadian championship and siring 3 litters before I turned 2. I'm now retired and living in Winnipeg with my "brother" MacPhart. We play together really well and we also share our parents bed quite well. My parents say that I am a little piggy as I love to eat my food really fast and have also made mom's raspberry patch my very own personal treat bar. My family really appreciates the fact that Crystal is willing to share her expertise with her westie families, whether it be on feeding and diets, grooming, or any other questions that may come up. She's a really good resource person and really cares about all of her westie babies and their families. The second picture is of me meeting up with Barry earlier this year during a dog show in Winnipeg. As you can see I was REAL excited about seeing my first family.

ozzy and barry