Am.Can. Ch. Jala's Explosively Charged

Nitro 0371

Born - July 19, 2009

Nitro is a beautiful representation of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed.  He is has a beautiful steel blue coat with a dark tan face.  He is 5.8 lbs of attitude and moves around the ring like he is floating.  He has a beautiful head and ear set and to be honest we think he is very nearly perfect.  At home he is our buddy and runs around the house like he owns it but in the ring he knows his job and loves to show offHe is in my opinion the perfect show dog balanced with a perfect companion but of course I am a little biased. :)

Nitro was my very first show dog so in his pictures you will see allot of imperfections because of this newbie learning the ropes.  He is thankfully very patient with me :)

Nitro is now retired from the show ring and is loving his retired life.